Sunday, October 23, 2011

RITPA Riders Meeting - Monday 10/24 @ 8PM

RIPTA Riders will be holding its next meeting tomorrow at 8PM in Burnside Park - right next to Kennedy Plaza. We will be holding the meeting as part of the Occupy Providence protest that has taken hold of the park as a forum to address change in Rhode Island.

Support for public transit in Rhode Island should become a central issue in the contemporary political discussion. Transit is important the 99%. To support the type of economic growth that benefits all citizens, we need to base the economic recovery on projects and services that everyone can use and enjoy.

Public transit is an inclusive issue that gets to the heart of the disconnect between Americans rich and poor. If we develop public transit in Rhode Island we will create immediate jobs in the state and allow people of all backgrounds get back to work. Improving public transportation will mean investing in an asset that will make the state more attractive to employers and employees alike. In what better way can we kick start an egalitarian recovery?

Rhode Islanders should demand a new era of public transportation and ridership in the state. We should seek a bus system where a businessman sits next to a janitor - both on their way to work. Where a college professor sits next to a high school student - both on their way to class. Where an unemployed pregnant woman sits next to a doctor - both on their way to the hospital. We need a system that can get everyone where they need to go so that we can all get back on our feet.

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