Thursday, October 27, 2011

RIPTA Riders Demand "No Cuts"

Providence, Rhode Island- Public transportation supporters gathered with members of the Occupy Providence movement at 12:45pm in Kennedy Plaza to board the #20 bus to RIPTA’s monthly board of directors meeting. They came together with signs and slogans to oppose service cuts that will go into effect in December unless the board acts to stop them.

Abel Collins, a member of RIPTA Riders and the program manager of the Rhode Island Chapter of the Sierra Club, said that “RIPTA’s board and management need to make every effort to solve their budget deficit without cutting service critical to riders, but those efforts have not yet been made.”

“Before cuts are made, the board has a duty to seek funding that will allow RIPTA to maintain its current service” added Randall Rose, a RIPTA Riders and Occupy Providence member, “in fact, they have a responsibility to pursue the funds necessary to implement the strategic plan they adopted earlier this year that seeks to expand public transportation”...

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