About RIPTA Riders

RIPTA Riders Alliance is an independent grassroots organization devoted to promoting public transportation in Rhode Island.

We are currently campaigning against cuts to RIPTA services that result from a deficit in the agency's budget.

In the short term, we would like a commitment to funding RIPTA that will avert dramatic decreases in bus routes and services in the next few months.  To prevent RIPTA cuts, Rhode Island State government must find a way to meet RIPTA's budget needs.

Securing sustainable funding for RIPTA will first and foremost require a change in the gas tax funding scheme that makes RIPTA service dependent on gas consumption.  As people buy more gasoline because of price increases and fuel efficient technology, gas tax revenue is drying up quickly.  Ironically, this revenue shortfall is coming at a time when bus ridership is at an all time high. Rhode Island needs an immediate solution to a funding problem that has put a stranglehold on the public transit system in the state.

In the long run, we would like to see an expansion of bus service and ridership.